Every day at camp



Families join in for a rabble rousing sing along with skits and fun from 9 - 9:15; then the campers break into small groups and go to five different activities and outdoor snack time.  Camp regathers at 12:15 for more songs with friends and family.



Each year there is a theme, such as Jungle Jive, which influences the science for the week.  Jungle bred discussions and experiments focused on the rain forest, decomposition, hunting with blow darts, etc.

Instrument Construction


Each day the campers build an instrument out of recycled or natural materials, paint, feathers, felt, and wood.  The beauty of their creations are  delightful.  They learn a song to go with each instrument.

Orff Orchestra


Rhythmic movement, pitched instruments such as ukuleles, boom whackers, xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels and tone bells enable the campers to play pitched music that sounds...... incredible.  The look of stunned amazement spawns musicians and appreciation.

Dramatic Play


Engaging the campers in imaginative play through games, acting, and storytelling. Weaving the camp theme into activities such as going on safari, acting out Brave Little Sambo and the Tigers or capturing rattlesnakes. 

Musicare (Song Circle)


Learning a variety of songs to go with the hand made instruments.  Songs are song with the handmade instruments in the Friday Finale celebrating the culmination of a magical week.

Snack and Outdoor Play

We take snack time very seriously by serving a healthy smoothie, fruit and protein.  Our busy morning makes for healthy appetites followed by free play time  on the playground.