What parents say about camp!


Suzanne Schmidt - Colorado

I was very impressed with the organization of camp, including having a pre-camp orientation.  I felt completely comfortable leaving my son.  He did not have a single drop-off meltdown and sang all day long after camp.  He wanted to go each day.  Marlo was wonderful and took such good care of him. 

I am a tough critic, having taught children for 18 years.  Thank you.

Suzanne Schmidt - Colorado

Beth Tally - North Carolina

We have enjoyed five wonderful summers with you, and will always love the CDs, instruments, and videos from our special weeks.  We have been to Island Days, Going Places, Dinosaur Stomp, Wild Wild West, and Jungle Jive, and have loved meeting all of you as instructors, and the group leaders as well.  We made many happy memories and have always tried to send pictures/cards at the end of the weeks to show our appreciation.  For me, I could tear up just thinking that we could possibly be at age 7 with Grant, when I can remember bringing him for the morning and afternoon music as a toddler when Amelia was attending.  You have given creative, inspiring weeks to our children, and they have touched us long past our summer moments with you.  The concerts, dances and shows that Amelia and Grant have come up with at home are priceless.  We wish you the best, will continue to recommend you to friends, and know that you are sharing your gifts with this community in such an amazing way.

J. Gustafson - Colorado

My son had an absolutely fabulous time. When his dad got home Friday night my son put on the music CD, grabbed his instrument bag and did an entire performance with the music and his instruments. The entire time he was smiling ear to ear.  Thanks for creating such a magical experience for my son's first summer camp.

We look forward to next summer!!!!

B. Williams - North Carolina

"My older son, Austin, attended before he "aged out."  He reminded me NOT to schedule camp for him this week [the week Bradley is signed up for] so he could attend before and after camp sing-alongs."

J. Levy - Colorado

First let me say how awesome you all are and that we think Oonie Koonie Cha is just the best camp! I recommended it to several of Kaia’s friends, 3 of whom joined this year for the first time and loved it also. Kaia has been going now for three years, sings and dances the songs from all three years and says she wants to do it forever! Earlier this evening, she performed every song, instruments and movements including via Facetime to my parents in PA, warms my heart and brings a humongous smile to my face! Well done all of you!

J. Murata - Colorado


I have been living in Boulder almost 4.5 years. Before and during the time I've lived here, I've done a lot of research for kids' activities. I looked into and tried so many things for kids. Oonie Koonie Cha is at the top of my list.

Oonie Koonie Cha is a camp I couldn't recommend enough.  Both my kids were anticipatingly disappointed that Oonie Koonie Cha was going to end.  It wasn't even over yet, and they were already sad!!

I was impressed then at the quality of songs and singing.

I was touched deeply with this year's camp as well. The kids are seriously enjoying themselves and learning deep nurturing skills, and have had deeply nourishing experiences.  Seeing all those kids having fun in such a nourishing environment, and then having them give back to us, is so sweet beyond words.


T. Swanson - North Carolina

Just wanted to let you know how much Bella and Zelda LOVED Camp Oonie Koonie Cha.  Bella got choked up the morning of the last day when she learned that it was the last day.  So sweet.  They are playing with the instruments and listening to the music.  They are even "playing"  Oonie Koonie Cha like they are the teachers.  So much fun!  They will definitely be taking next year.  Thank you for the experience!

Josephine Bush - Colorado

I can’t say anything but wonderful things about Camp Oonie Koonie Cha!

First, OKC runs like a well oiled machine. Very organized and very efficient. Second, your child’s safety is first and foremost. Third, your whole family is welcomed to join in the singing at drop off and pick up. 

My now 6 year old daughter has attended OKC for 3 years and always leaves each year excited and looking forward to the next year. The musicians and artists that work with the children are outstanding teachers!! This in my opinion is huge! The amount of music, art, and information that is learned and performed in 5 mornings speaks to just how well it is taught. There is a lot of love that goes into organizing the camp. It shows and you can feel it. The love and kindness from the group leaders (teachers that are responsible for the divided groups of children) let you leave each morning feeling comforted that your child is in good hands.

Your child leaves with not just their bag full of their handmade instruments and a CD of all the songs they learned but with great memories of a week of fun, art, music, inspiration, and love. 

I can’t say anything but wonderful things about Camp Oonie Koonie Cha!

Thank you!

C Boling - North Carolina

You have enriched our whole family's lives for many, many years now.  Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents, creativity, energy, and love for the kids!  You've made a lasting impression upon us all.  We've continue to sing the songs; we've sung the golden oldies with the grandparents who sang them when they were young; and we've met different families outside of Winston who had kids at the camp at some time and we've sung songs with them!  It's been so much fun even outside of camp.  

C Strom - North Carolina

I am a grandmother who has worked at Camp Oonie Kookie Cha in years past and now brings her granddaughters as campers.They travel from their home in Florida to attend this camp every summer.  It is one amazing experience! The staff is so skilled not only in their musical abilities but in their care and management of children. They do it all! The morning is well organized; one has only to look at the faces of the youngsters to see that something meaningful and fun has happened. We are finally acknowledging the importance of music in a young person's life and this camp speaks to that with enthusiasm and fun. More than once I have been in a store and overheard kids singing songs they learned at this camp! This is one of the best investments you will ever make for your child!

G Collins - Colorado

"Our son, Keller, LOVED Camp OKC! Each day, he was so excited to go back to camp. He came home singing with such confidence and enthusiasm! The camp is very well organized and jam-packed with fun and creativity! The instruments and props the campers made that week are so cool! It is an amazing group of camp leaders & teachers, they showed up each day with plenty of energy, patience, and passion to make a complete experience for the campers. Our son is already planning on going next year with his little sister!"